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Get to know JFK School!

Get to know JFK School!

Get to know JFK School!

John F Kennedy Middle School's (EPS) website is linked below. Get to know JFK!

John F. Kennedy School "Home of the JFK Patriots!"

Welcome to the John F. Kennedy School Parent-Teacher Organization ("JFK PTO") website. All Enfield Public School Students attend JFK for Middle School for Grades Six through Eight. The "Home of the JFK Patriots" is located at 155 Raffia Road in Enfield, CT.

Principal's Update

March 23, 2020

See this message and all links contained in it HERE

JFK School Community,

Good Afternoon, we hope this email finds you and your family safe and in
good health. These unprecedented times have disrupted our daily lives; however, as a school, we continue to ensure the teaching and learning process continues for our students. We need your support more than ever with this shared endeavor. Imperative to your child’s academic development, is the establishment of daily routines and practices that reinforce the educational process.

At this time, our district and curriculum coordinators are working on additional learning packets. We will focus on a five day packet and anticipate that this will become our basic work schedule. Educators will communicate their specific directions with this expectation as they may vary. We ask parents/guardians to assist your child in organizing and storing the paper packets that have already been distributed. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not permitted to set up a collection point. Once we have clearer guidance, we will communicate what our collection plan will entail.

As we learn effective practices and adjust to the virtual learning environment, several key items need to be communicated. First, we need your child to login into their Enfield Microsoft 365 account on a daily basis (Login here: -additional login directions can be found below). Within the 365 online suite, there are a multitude of applications and workflow tools that we can take advantage of to enhance the distance learning process.

Second, we ask that you focus your attention on the Microsoft Teams application. Through this platform, educators will assign mandatory learning packets and provide additional enrichment opportunities. This platform also enables our educators to post videos, disseminate resources, assign activities, set deadlines, collect work and grade activities. For those students/parents/guardians without access to wi-fi or a device, we plan to disseminate hard copies of assignments during the meal distribution times at JFK
starting Wednesday, April 1st, 11:30AM -1:00PM. While educators will not hold live scheduled classes, if your child needs additional help with a concept or skill please have them contact their educator to arrange for a support session. If you would like to learn more about Teams please see the following links:

Third, there have been some questions and concerns in terms of grading. We are developing collection procedures for grading the first learning packet that was distributed. Moving forward, work collected via Teams and/or electronic submission will be graded utilizing normal procedures. Students will receive credit for learning packets while enrichment opportunities will be utilized for supplemental learning.

We ask that you review basic conduct and expected behaviors in the virtual learning environment with your child. Please remind them that these spaces are for academic discourse and dialogue. It is not a social media outlet nor an open forum venue. Communication must be appropriate and relevant to the teaching and learning process.

Last, the well-being of our students is very important, and our school counselors play an integral role in ensuring that students are emotionally safe. During this time, school counselors are available by email to provide support (Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm). If your student has a 504 plan, school counselors will be communicating weekly to ensure that student needs are being met. School counselors will meet weekly with academic teams to discuss any academic or social/emotional concerns of their students. Along with services provided by our school counselors, our Community Health Center (CHC) social worker will continue to meet with clients. As our school counselors will be periodically checking email throughout the school day, please contact 211 for any situation that you deem a crisis and/or mental health emergency.

There are other resources available to families here:

  • If you or your child are experiencing an immediate safety concern call 911.
  • If you or your child are experiencing a behavioral mental health crisis call 211.
  • If you would like to access support services, please contact the following:
  • For children over 8 years of age, please call Youth and Family Services at 860-253- 6380.

• For children under 8 years of age, please call the Family Resource Center 860-253-5214.

JFK Administration

Office 365 Directions: BELOW

Go to or search Google for Office 365 and choose login. If a student's name is: Ex., John Doe with an ID# of 12345:

Sixth-grader (Class of 2026) username: password: Jd12345

Seventh-grader (Class of 2025): username: password: Jd12345

Eighth-grader (Class of 2024) username: password: Jd12345

*If a student is new to Enfield, the student should add an ! to the end of the password.

Distance Learning Packets


Ring Your Bells, Enfield!

enfieldpto wants you to share your #EPShasSpirit bells! Join your neighbors in bell-ringing from 8:00PM to 8:02PM each night until further notice. Neighbors, Classmates, Students, Families and EPS Staff want to hear from you! Please see the Mayor's proclamation below! Click here for the Facebook Event Page!


Proclamation for the Town of Enfield-Ringing of the Bells

WHEREAS, on March 10, 2020, the Governor of the State of Connecticut declared a public health emergency and civil preparedness emergency for the State of Connecticut; and

WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020, the President of the United States declared a national emergency to combat the coronavirus that is currently infecting the population of the United States; and

WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020 the Town Manager of Enfield declared a civil preparedness emergency as a result of the clear and present risk to the public health posed by the rapid proliferation of COVID-19; and

WHEREAS, in response to the issuance of these declarations and the closing of schools, senior centers, libraries and other places of social interaction, the population is maintaining a reasonable social distance from one another and is generally confining itself to its homes.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED, that during the existence of said emergency all citizens of Enfield shall, between the hour of 8:00 pm and 8:02 pm, joyously sound a bell, chime, cymbal, carillon, gong, ringer, tocsin, or similar device as a symbol of the community of our citizens and a reminder to all that although the community may be physically separated our citizens remain united in their support for one another and dedicated to overcoming the present peril; and

IT IS FURTHER PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED, that all houses of worship, if so equipped, shall sound their bells at the same time and that any local regulation, law or ordinance relating to unreasonable noise or disturbance shall be null and void and be deemed to have been waived and therefore unenforceable between the hours of 8:00 pm and 8:02 pm for as long as said emergency exists.                     

Mayor Mike Ludwick


JFK PTO Calendar


All School Events Are Postponed Until Further Notice

April Events - TBD

Apr 2 - Thursday Night School

Apr 6 - 10 - Rachel's Challange Spirit Week (Details Coming Soon!)

Apr 7 - JFK PTO Meeting (6:30P)

Apr 9 - Term III Report Cards

Apr 9 - Thursday Night School

Apr 10 - No School

Apr 13 - Apr 17 - Spring Vacation (No School)

Apr 23 - Thursday Night School

Apr 29 - Early Release Day

Apr 30 - Thursday Night School


May Events

May 4 - 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5 - JFK PTO Meeting (6:30P)

May 7 - Thursday Night School

May 14 - Thursday Night School

May 15 - Term IV Progress Reports

May 20 - Grade 6 Band & Orchestra Concert (7:00PM)

May 21 - Grade 6 Band & Orchestra Concert (8:30AM)

May 21 - Thursday Night School

May 25 - No School

May 27 - Early Release Day

May 28 - Thursday Night School

May 28 - Grade 7 Band & Orchestra Concert (7:00PM)


June Events

June 2 - JFK PTO Meeting (6:30P)

June 2 - Grade 8 Band & Orchestra Concert (7:00PM)

June 3 - Grade Chorus Concert (7:00PM)

June 4 - Thursday Night School

June 4 - Rachel's Challange Kindness Carnival (4:30PM)

June 8 - Grade 8: Semi-formal Dance (6:00PM) More soon!

June 11 - Thursday Night School

June 15 - Early Release Day

June 16 - Early Release Day

June 16 - Last Day (Scheduled)

June 17 - EHS Graduation



Click here to read the latest edition JFK Patriot Herald Newsletter!


* JFK PTO Meetings are held in the Library at 7P, traditionally on the 1st Tuesday of each month. A meeting date may change to due a holiday, school conflict or snow/no school day. 

Click here to how "early releases" or "delayed openings" affect the EHS schedule...Special Schedules!


Laying the Foundation for the Next Generation

John F. Kennedy Middle School PTO is excited to offer you an opportunity to be a permanent part of our school!  By donating a brick, you can help provide items to benefit our school and commemorate your connection to JFK Middle School and the Enfield Community! These bricks will lay path to, and surround, the JFK flagpole post-renovations. 

All proceeds will be used to subsidize field trips, provide cultural assemblies, educational teacher requests and student activities. You can pay online with a major credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX/DISC) or pay by check or money order. Follow the on-screen directions and learn more about this program at:

* If you have any questions, please contact Bethany Ouellette (JFK PTO) at

Order your JFK Magnets here! ($5)

Order your JFK Winter Hats here! ($20)

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Principals Newsletters


Each day, JFK posts their morning announcements on their website so Parents can also see what Students are hearing. To read this morning's announcements, click "Daily Announcements" below!

Principals Newsletters

Principals Newsletters

Principals Newsletters

We look forward to serving you and providing your child with impactful opportunities to learn.

"We look forward to serving you and providing your child with impactful opportunities to learn." Click here for the most recently published Principal's Newsletters.

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Principals Newsletters

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Amazon Smile Fundraiser

Amazon Smile Fundraiser

Amazon Smile Fundraiser


JFK PTO raises money for events, field trips and assemblies. Visit Amazon through our link and a % of your purchases supports JFK! Share the link below with friends and family.

Athletic Fees Portal

Amazon Smile Fundraiser

Athletic Fees Portal


Signing up for a Sports Team or Activity at JFK Middle School that has an Athletic Fee? Click HERE or the "JFK ATHLETIC FEES" button below to make your Student's Athletic Fee payments online for JFK Sports.

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Click here to read about all the AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS offer at JFK Middle School (Coming Soon!)

JFK Middle School - Renovations

We understand that JFK Families may have questions about "What's next?" for JFK now that the building referendum has passed. We will share what we know, but to stay up-to-date, please refer to the Town of Enfield's John F. Kennedy Middle School Building Committee page:

JFK PTO Wreaths Across America Partnership

On Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 12:00 PM, JFK PTO (CT0108P) will be helping St. Patrick's Cemetery to Remember and Honor our veterans by laying Remembrance wreaths on the graves of our country's fallen heroes.  Each wreath is only $15.00 - and $5.00 of that remains with the JFK PTO. Thank you for supporting the JFK PTO (CT0108P) and Wreaths Across America!

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