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Get to know Enfield High

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Principal's update

UPDATE: March 25, 2020

Good morning Enfield High School Students and Families,

I miss all of our students’ smiling faces! With the Governor’s announcement yesterday that school will be closed at least until April 20th, I’m sure you have many questions.  While we can’t predict the future, my goal is to give you updates as frequently as possible so that you can stay informed.

First, to our seniors, I know you are all very concerned about senior activities like class night, prom, and graduation.  While we cannot predict the future, there are currently no changes to senior activities.  If the crisis continues, and school is closed longer, we will consider every possible way to carry out senior activities.  Unfortunately, at this time, it is too early to make any decisions. My heart goes out to all our seniors wondering what the future holds, but I plan to stay positive.

Regarding what you will be required to do for school in the coming week, I want to provide some clarity.  First as I mentioned in my last email.  All students have to complete all 4 packets with the exception of seniors (who may be excused from the Science and Social Studies packets only).  What does this mean?

  • Seniors without a Math or English class still need to complete those packets
  • Underclassmen have to complete all 4 packets (Even if they don’t have a math, English, Science or Social Studies packet)
  • When we submit these assignments, any student not enrolled in a Math, English, Science, or Social Studies class, please email the specific department coordinator the packet for that subject area. 

For example: 10th Grade student Jane Doe with no Social Studies class, email Social Studies packet to: jsenez@enfieldschools.org.   See below for coordinator email addresses:

These packets should be submitted electronically to your teacher by April 3rd (next Friday), and our recommended method for submission is to use the camera function on your iPad to scan into a OneDrive folder.  For instructions, you can visit our website: https://enfieldhigh.sharpschool.com/ed_tech/how_to_scan_documents.  If you have issues with submitting your packet electronically, contact your teacher for help.  As a backup, you can always email images of your packet to your teacher.  

There is also a scan feature in the Notes app that some find to be very easy to use.  All packets can be found on our district website: http://www.enfieldschools.org/for_students/special_resources.

For those of you taking AP courses, College Board is providing opportunities for students to take online exams.  They have adjusted the test so that it is shorter and only tests concepts from the first 75% of course material.  They are also providing free resources such as AP review classes delivered by AP teachers across the country.  For more information, reach out to your AP teacher or consult the College Board website: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/coronavirus-updates.

You may have also heard that the CT SAT School day has been cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.  According to the CT State Dept. of Education, they are working with College Board to offer interested grade 11 students an opportunity to take the SAT on a weekend administration at no cost.  They have promised to share more details as they are available, and we will keep you updated.  Other standardized assessments like the NGSS Science assessment have also been postponed or cancelled.

Additionally, in the robocall sent yesterday, I shared that EHS staff are calling all students over the next few days to check-in and see whether you are able to access online learning materials.  We hope to speak with all of you or your parents over the next week or so.  Also, some of you have asked about getting into the building.  Unfortunately, no one is allowed access to the building at this time.  I recognize some students may have items in the building and we will let you know as soon as the building is open for you to retrieve materials.

Our team is taking into account the suggestions and feedback you provided on the survey I shared with you my last email.  For example, we are encouraging teachers to send you a weekly email on Mondays to help you plan for the week.  I will be sharing information on the next round of distance learning with you in the next few days.  Thank you for your patience and stay tuned!


Ms. Clark


Enfield High School

P.S. If you did not get a chance to fill our distance learning survey, you can access it here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=1T-LCDuI3EC0hDWAWYitT8F9H50FWMxMkukYUZ-Tt8VUOTJGOE4zNDg2VkxSRUs4RTE4Q0pUNVhENS4u

Distance Learning Packets

EHS Staff Contact Information

Enfield High School: Click the button below for our school's Staff contact information. Please stay in touch during our closures. Staff is available remotely every regularly scheduled school day from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Thank you.


Ring Your Bells, Enfield!

enfieldpto wants you to share your #EPShasSpirit bells! Join your neighbors in bell-ringing from 8:00PM to 8:02PM each night until further notice. Neighbors, Classmates, Students, Families and EPS Staff want to hear from you! Please see the Mayor's proclamation below! Click here for the Facebook Event Page!

Questions: enfieldpto@gmail.com

Proclamation for the Town of Enfield-Ringing of the Bells

WHEREAS, on March 10, 2020, the Governor of the State of Connecticut declared a public health emergency and civil preparedness emergency for the State of Connecticut; and

WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020, the President of the United States declared a national emergency to combat the coronavirus that is currently infecting the population of the United States; and

WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020 the Town Manager of Enfield declared a civil preparedness emergency as a result of the clear and present risk to the public health posed by the rapid proliferation of COVID-19; and

WHEREAS, in response to the issuance of these declarations and the closing of schools, senior centers, libraries and other places of social interaction, the population is maintaining a reasonable social distance from one another and is generally confining itself to its homes.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED, that during the existence of said emergency all citizens of Enfield shall, between the hour of 8:00 pm and 8:02 pm, joyously sound a bell, chime, cymbal, carillon, gong, ringer, tocsin, or similar device as a symbol of the community of our citizens and a reminder to all that although the community may be physically separated our citizens remain united in their support for one another and dedicated to overcoming the present peril; and

IT IS FURTHER PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED, that all houses of worship, if so equipped, shall sound their bells at the same time and that any local regulation, law or ordinance relating to unreasonable noise or disturbance shall be null and void and be deemed to have been waived and therefore unenforceable between the hours of 8:00 pm and 8:02 pm for as long as said emergency exists.                     

Mayor Mike Ludwick


Enfield High School Calendar


All School Events Are Postponed Until Further Notice

April Events - TBD

Apr 1 - EHS Lamplighters Presents The Wizard of Oz (7P)

Apr 2 - EHS Lamplighters Presents The Wizard of Oz (2P)

              EHS Lamplighters Presents The Wizard of Oz (7P)

Apr 10 - No School

Apr 13 - Apr 17 - Spring Vacation (No School)

Apr 29 - Early Release Day

Apr 19 - EHS Equity Team Meeting (2:15P)

May Events

May 4 - May 22 - Senior Dues Collected ($31)

May 4 - 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 25 - No School

May 27 - Early Release Day

May 29 - Senior Prom at Maneeley's

June Events

June 1 - Senior Class Picnic at High Meadow

June 5 - Senior Class Night at Twin Hills Country Club

June 6 - Junior Prom at Maneeley's (6P-10P)

June 15 - Early Release Day

June 16 - Early Release Day

June 16 - Last Day (Scheduled)

June 17 - EHS Graduation

Connect with Your EHS "Class"

G12 - Class of 2020 Safe Grad Facebook Page: Link Coming Soon 

G12 - Class of 2020 Facebook Page: Link Coming Soon 

G11 - Class of 2021 "Safe Grad" Facebook Page: Link Coming Soon 

G11 - Class of 2021 Facebook Page (Click Here)

G10 - Class of 2022 "Safe Grad" Facebook Page: Link Coming Soon 

G10 - Class of 2020 Facebook Page (Click Here)

G9 - Class of 2023 "Safe Grad" Facebook Page: Link Coming Soon 

G9 - Class of 2023 Facebook Page: Link Coming Soon 

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Contact My EHS Teacher(s)

Contact My EHS Teacher(s)


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EHS Athletic Department


EHS Athletic Department

EHS Athletic Department

EHS Athletic Department


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EHS Athletic Department

Watch EHS Sports!


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Music Dept. Leads

Music Dept. Leads


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Music Dept. Leads

Music Dept. Leads


EHS Guidance Department

Who is my Guidance Councilor?

Who is my Guidance Councilor?

Who is my Guidance Councilor?

Mrs. Morrison (860) 253-5553


Students (A - Cec) 9th - 12th

Mrs. Aselton (860) 763-8824


Students (Ced - For) 9th - 12th

Ms. Bourgoin (860) 763-8826


Students (Fos - Lag) 9th - 12th

Mr. Carlson (860) 763-8825


Students (Lah - Nem) 9th - 12th

Mr. Genovese (860) 253-5321


Students (Nen - Sem) 9th - 12th

Mrs. Harrington (860) 253-5552


Students (Sen - Z) 9th - 12th

Guidance Dept. Staff

Who is my Guidance Councilor?

Who is my Guidance Councilor?

Updated EHS college visits list. 

Colleges come to meet you, EHS!

Click Here!

Guidance Office Staff:

Sandra Ingalls 860-253-5551
K-12 Guidance Dept. Coordinator


Joanne Lowe 860-253-5172


Kari Monteforte 860-763-8821


Lorraine Rabinovitz 860-253-6595

Beyond EHS - Opportunities for Your Future

Scholarship Opportunity

Additional Scholarship(s)

Scholarship Opportunity

Introducing the College Board Opportunity Scholarships


Applying to college is a complicated process, so we've created a program that guides you through it. It doesn't require an essay, application, or minimum GPA. Instead, it rewards your effort and initiative. Complete key steps along your path to college for a chance to earn scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunity

Additional Scholarship(s)

Scholarship Opportunity

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. Is offering renewable, 4-year scholarships to students from New England with financial need. Successful candidates are those who display academic achievement, service to others, good character, leadership qualities and a history of part time employment. They also value demonstrated grit and resiliency in students who have faced significant challenges. Applicants may be high school seniors, recent high school graduates or current college students. Applications available at: www.phillips-scholarship.org

Additional Scholarship(s)

Additional Scholarship(s)

Additional Scholarship(s)

Here are some great links to research:



Hartford Foundation for Public Giving: hfpgscholarships.org

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